Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehtap Işık

2000- 2008     PhD  in Economics, Bogazici University, Thesis title: Three Essays in Industrial Organization

1998-2000      MA in Economics, Bogazici University, Project title: Provision of Public Goods Under Externalities for Two Specific Economies. 

1994-1998      BA in Mathematics, Bogazici University, Project title: An analysis on Urysohn’s Lemma: Topological Structures. 

2004- today    Department of International  Trade, Bogazici University

Full time faculty member, instructor for economic analysis and calculus for business decisions courses; supervisor of MA dissertations; member of department and university committees.    

2007- 2017     Department of Economics, Bogazici University

Part time faculty member, instructor for intermediate microeconomics and mathematical economics courses.

2001-2004      Department of Economics, Bogazici University

Teaching Assistant for undergraduate and graduate level microeconomics classes. 

1998-2001      Department of Mathematics, Bogazici University 

Coordinator of teaching assistants; teaching assistant for real analysis, actuarial mathematics, statistics and calculus courses.

1997-1998      Citibank, Istanbul . Risk analyst in department of marketing and financial corporations.

Microeconomic approaches in development: Urban Economics, Environmental Economics, Game theory, Economics of social networks

International Trade:
Economics I, II 
International Trade
Exchange Rates Regimes and Trade
International Trade and Economic Development  

International Trade Management MA program:
International Economics and World Trade
Firms and Markets

International Competition and Trade MA program:
International Trade Policies

International Relations: Turkey, Europe and the Middle East MA Program
Economic and Social Development Prospects in the EMENA region

“The role of shadow economies in ecological footprint quality: Empirical evidence from Turkey” (2020) with Koksal C, and Katircioglu S. Environmental Science and Pollution Research Vol. 27(12) 13457-13466 (SCI)

"Getting Ready for the Post-Oil Age: The Entrepreneurship as the Rising Star of Development Policies in the Gulf States." (2018), Modern Economy 9.01: 125. 

“Making Innovation Development Policies Work for MENA: The Need for Entrepreneurship” (2017) in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation in the Middle East edited by Philippe W. Zgheib, p: 74 -104. IGI Publishing.    

“Policy Implications of Informality in Chinese Labor Market” (2015) Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences”, Vol.6(3) : 231-236 

 “On the stability of network structures with public goods” (2010) with U.Zenginobuz Economics Bulletin, Vol. 30(3) 2425-2436. (Indexing : Scopus)