Prof. Dr. Arzu Tektaş

Education and Academic Career

Undergraduate (BS): Bogazici University, Faculty of Engineering, Industrial Engineering (1984)

Graduate (MA): Bogazici University, Institute of Social Sciences, MBA (1987)

                            (Thesis Title: A Product-Mix Problem in Sanitary Paper Sector)

PhD: Bogazici University, Institute of Social Sciences, Business Administration-Quantitative Methods (1994)

                            (Thesis Title: Quantitative Models for Motor Insurance with Application to the Turkish System)

Associate Professor:   Quantitative Decision Methods (2004)

Professor: Quantitative Decision Methods, International Trade (2010)

Administrative Duties

Director, the School of Applied Disciplines (2008- )

Deputy Director, Center for Innovation and Competition (2011- )

Based Development Studies

Member, Interuniversity Council of Turkey (2011-2015)

Deputy Director, the School of Applied Disciplines (2004-2008)

Member, Executive Council, The School of Applied Disciplines (2000- )

Head, Department of International Trade (2002-2004)

Head, Business Administration Program (2002-2004)

Member, Bogaziçi University Senate

Member, Bogazici University Graduate Education Committee (2012- )

Member, Bogazici University Academic Regulations Committee (2004- )

Member, Bogazici University Exchange Committee (2004- )

Member, Bogazici University Foreign Student Committee (2004-2008)

Research Interests


Business Innovation

Innovation and competitiveness-SMEs

Quantitative methods for business decision making

Sector based productivity and efficiency analyses

Fund utilization in EU harmonization process

Insurance premium and rating systems

Supply chain management

Courses Taught

Trade Operations and Supply Chain Management

Quantitative Analysis and Applications

Operations Research

Operations Analysis and Planning

Decision Support Systems

Production Management

Games and Cases in Operations Management

Innovation Management

Analytic Thinking and Problem Solving

Introduction to Computer Programming-Pascal

Introduction to Business


Project Management

Applied Statistics

Business Mathematics 

List of Publications


SSCI and Indexed Journals

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